Instructional Support

Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences (ATLAS)

Information technology is pervasive, enabling, empowering and, for better or for worse, always changing. Using information technologies requires knowledge of the tools and the ability to discriminate among the many options, training in the use of the tools, and the ready availability of a human and IT support infrastructure that can, and often must, relieve instructors and researchers of the burdens of installation, ongoing maintenance, and security of the tools.

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) is a hub of innovation and hands-on support for those who want to discuss and work with higher education trends, models, projects, and resources. CITL uses leading pedagogical approaches, research-based methodologies, innovative instructional technologies, and comprehensive assessment practices to strengthen teaching efforts and improve student learning outcomes. Central to our modern mission is strengthening the linkages between CITL and colleges, programs, and units across the University that are integral to the teaching and learning missions of the university. Through our programs and activities, colleagues can share ideas and expertise with one another, learn of new developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and strengthen their teaching skills and strategies. 

Provost's Website

Additional resources, policies, classroom safety, and support.

Measurement and Evaluation (CITL)

There are several ways in which to assess the teaching and learning in your classes.  These methods can be an informal or formal structure and administered in the middle or end of the term.  Below are a few of the ways in which the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning can assist you in the assessments.

Instructional Development (CITL)

The Teaching & Learning Group provides assistance, programs, and resources for all instructors and academic units across campus. We can assist you in creating or redesigning a course, exploring new strategies, and assessing your effectiveness. In addition, we offer many workshop series and programs where you can join your colleagues to learn together and participate in lively discussions.

Teaching Advancement Board (TAB)

List of committees appointment by and reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Technology Services

Technology Services at Illinois is the provider of campus-wide computing, networking, storage, communications, and instructional technology services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Technology Services partners with campus to provide world-class, innovative, cost effective technologies and services that help foster discoveries and innovations from our researchers, transform the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and students, and improve the efficiency and security of the university's processes and data.