Additional Student Groups

The following are some student clubs and organizations economics students may be interested in joining. This is not a comprehensive list, as ILLINOIS has over 1,600 Registered Student Organizations. These organizations are run by students, so the level of engagement varies each semester. If you do not find an organization covering your interests, you may start your own!  Find More Student Organizations

Illini Statistics Club

Students who have an interest in statistics to build a community fostering skills and career development.  Illini Statistics Club hosts four types of events: career development events, skills development events, social events, and datathons. Illini Statistics Club Website

Business Clubs & Organizations

The Council of Presidents is an alliance of Gies College of Business related Registered Student Organizations, encompassing approximately 3,000 students. Organizations include clubs in various areas, such as Accounting, Business & EngineeringConsulting, Non-Profit, Mentoring, Finance, and many others. Gies College of Business Organization Website


There are many organizations focused on consulting. These organizations typically have a student recruitment, application, and selection period each semester. Students must be able to work as part of a team, motivated, and responsible, as you are working for a company or organization towards a solution.Most of these consulting groups are student-managed, and the leadership and activity varies each semester, and some may become inactive.

Illinois Economics Consulting

Illinois Economics Consulting (IEC) is an RSO at the University of Illinois that connects economics students with businesses and government agencies in Champaign-Urbana. We provide high quality, pro bono economic analyses to help these organizations solve the economic issues they face. We also train our members in case interview preparation and professionalism so they can pursue careers in consulting after graduation. The best part? Our organization is designed specifically for economics students!

Consulting for Change

Student-run consulting organization concerned with the success of social ventures. We strive to shift their focus from short-term sustainability to long- term growth in order to best serve our community.

CUBE Consulting

Focuses on technical engineering type projects, for students interested in both engineering and business. Clients include non-profits, start-ups, researchers, as well as other UIUC entities. CUBE Consulting is part of an international network of student-led consulting groups that are already present in Europe and Brazil.


A student-managed consulting organization providing business strategy advice to entrepreneurial start-ups. A multi-disciplinary team of students assist enterprises to survive, scale and succeed. EntreCORPS serves both aspiring entrepreneurs and growing start-ups seeking advice.

FACES Consulting

The first international student consulting organization at ILLINOIS, bringing together the finest and the most creative minds with diverse backgrounds. Provides members with opportunities of practice in consulting projects in various industries, helping to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while providing actionable solutions to clients.

Global Business Brigades

Gain hands-on consulting experience. Each brigade is given an objective, a specific purpose for going into a community. It is their mission to assess a specific need, conduct home interviews, and work together to build a comprehensive solution. Through this hands-on experience, our members gain a valuable insight into real life consulting.

Illinois Business Consulting

Illinois Business Consulting is the largest student ran consulting organization and works very closely with the University of Illinois. Offering over 70 projects annually, including Fortune-100 companies, IBC is able to provide students with real-world experience. On a given project there is one senior manager, one project manager, one senior consultant, and approximately four to five consultants ranging from all disciplines and ages.

International Consulting Network (ICON)

The International Consulting Network, formerly IIP, enhances collaboration between Illinois students and global technology clusters through international consulting projects, networking opportunities, and professional development. ICON students work in international teams to create innovative solutions for clients, culminating in an immersion trip and presentation to tech leaders in countries across the world, ranging from Israel and Sweden, to New York and South Korea.

OTCR Consulting

OTCR Consulting is a student-run consulting organization on campus with a dual focus on preparing students for careers in consulting and delivering excellent project work their clients. Started back in 2000, OTCR has maintained a strong association with both the Colleges of Business and Engineering resulting in a good mixture of students from either side of campus. OTCR’s projects tend to focus on three main areas of expertise: Business Strategy, Technology Strategy, and Technology Development.

Students Consulting for Non-profit Organizations (SCNO)

SCNO is a student-led consulting firm at the U of I Campus, focusing on non-profit work, with entirely free services, SCNO uses a professionally inspired consulting framework. SCNO works to build new skills for their consultants in an encouraging environment. Successful applicants to SCNO have leadership potential, passion for building the organization, the ability to think outside the box, and structured problem solving.


Illinois Consulting Academy

Illinois Consulting Academy works closely with top consulting RSO’s across the University of Illinois campus. As a result, ICA is able to produce highly skilled consultants that have the resources to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Vision: To foster a diverse student consulting community collectively focused on developing whole students, that think critically, build authentic relationships, and lead courageously to solve the world’s toughest problems.


Various clubs, organizations, and campus units focus on Entrepreneurship. 


We are community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.