B.A. Economics Requirements

Economics Courses including: 30 hours

ECON 102

Microeconomic Principles 3

ECON 103

Macroeconomic Principles 3

ECON 198

Economics at Illinois 1

ECON 202

Economic Statistics I 3

ECON 203

Economic Statistics II 3

ECON 302

Inter Microeconomic Theory 3

ECON 303

Inter Macroeconomic Theory 3

4 Advanced ECON 300- or 400-level courses1

Mathematics: 7-8 hours

MATH 220 (or MATH 221)

Calculus (or Calculus I) 4-5

MATH 231

Calculus II 3

Additional mathematics courses are recommended


Supporting Course Work
18 hours of courses outside economics but related to the student’s major interest in economics (must be approved by an Econ Academic Advisor during an Advising Appointment- Recommended by Junior year)

18 hours

Excluding ECON 398 and ECON 399 (these courses do not count towards Advanced ECON coursework)

Course Substitutions

Please visit our Course Substitutions Website for information on substitutions to the major.