Econ Course Track Area

Courses listed below with their "Track(s)" or area(s) within Economics. These areas (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and/or Econometrics/Quantitative) correspond with the Economics Minor as well as the BALAS Econometrics & Quantitative Economics Major. Courses may correspond to more than one area.

ECON 402 American Economic History   Macro  
ECON 411 Public Sector Economics Micro    
ECON 413 The Nonprofit Economy Micro    
ECON 414 Urban Economics Micro    
ECON 415 Environmental Economics Micro    
ECON 417 Cost-Benefit Analysis Micro Macro  
ECON 418 Health Economics Micro    
ECON 420 International Economics   Macro  
ECON 425 Macroeconomic Policy (previously 462)   Macro Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 426 Monetary Economics   Macro  
ECON 437 Game Theory Micro   Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 440 Economics of Labor Markets Micro    
ECON 442 Women in the Economy Micro    
ECON 447 Economics of the Workplace Micro    
ECON 448 Employee Compensation & Incentives Micro    
ECON 450 Development Economics Micro    
ECON 451 Program Eval in Dev Econ Micro   Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 452 The Latin American Economies   Macro  
ECON 453 The Economies of the Middle East and North Africa Micro Macro  
ECON 455 Econ of Poverty Alleviation in Dev. Countries Micro    
ECON 460 Financial Economics Micro   Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 469 Economics of Risk     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 471 Intro to Applied Econometrics     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 472 Financial Econometrics     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 474 Econometrics of Policy Evaluation     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 475 Econ Forecasting     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 480 Industrial Competition & Monopoly Micro    
ECON 481 Government Regulation of Economic Activity Micro    
ECON 483 Economics of Innovation & Technology Micro    
ECON 484 Law and Economics Micro    
ECON 490 Applied Machine Learning in Economics     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Brazilian Current Economic Issues   Macro  
ECON 490 Business Cycles (and Economic Growth)   Macro Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Economic Growth   Macro  
ECON 490 Economics of Coordination Micro    
ECON 490 Economics of Organizations Micro    
ECON 490 International Finance     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 International Macro Forecasting   Macro Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 International Macroeconomics   Macro  
ECON 490 International Trade   Macro  
ECON 490 Macro Labor Markets (Topics in Macro: Labor Markets)   Macro Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Migration (Soon to be ECON 456 Migration & Economic Development) Micro Macro  
ECON 490 Nonlinear Econometric Models     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Numerical Methods: Economics     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Political Economics   Macro  
ECON 490 Social Welfare, Income Inequality, and the Role of Government Micro    
ECON 490 Topics in Econometrics     Econometric/Quantitative
ECON 490 Economics of Social Networks Micro