Econometrics Track

Econometrics: Specific techniques for analyzing economic relationships using real-world data, grounded in classical statistics, provides tools for estimating all aspects of economic phenomena, including labor supply, supply and demand, and business cycles. Used to test hypotheses about the world that are developed from economic theory. Econometric estimates can be used to forecast future conditions, aiding individuals, businesses, and governments in making decisions.

Economics Minor Worksheet

Prerequisites for Declaring Econometric Track


We no longer require MATH 225 to be complete prior to applying for this track, but it is preferred and the course will need to be complete for completion of the Minor. 

ECON 203 is now required to be complete at the time of application in order to be approved. 



ECON 102
Micro Principles

ECON ILLINOIS GPA of 2.33 or above

  • At least one ECON course taken at ILLINOIS
  • Specific grades in ECON courses not required
  • AP/IB/Proficiency Credit accepted*
  • Approved substitutions may be used*
  • Transfer courses may be used*

*Only ECON courses at ILLINOIS counted in GPA

ECON 202
Econ Stats I

ECON 203
Econ Stats II

MATH 220
or 221

Grade of C or Higher

  • AP/IB/Proficiency Credit accepted
  • MATH 231 (Calculus II) may be used**
  • Transfer courses may be used**

**No other substitutions accepted; C Grade Required

MATH 225
Introductory Matrix Theory

*Recommended prior to application (Required within the curriculum) but not required to apply

Econometrics Track Requirements

MATH Requirements

MATH 220/221 – Calculus 4-5
MATH 225 – Introductory Matrix Theory See substitutions website 2

Core Economics Requirements (12 credit hours)

ECON 102 – Microeconomic Principles


ECON 202 – Economic Statistics I or equivalent (See substitutions website)


ECON 203 – Economic Statistics II


ECON 302 – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory


Econometrics Track (9 credit hours)

ECON 471 – Introduction to Applied Econometrics

Two 400 – Level ECON Econometrics Courses (see below)


Total ECON Hours


(+6-7 MATH hours)

400-Level Econometrics Courses

The below courses are approved 400-level Courses for this Minor Track. Courses are not available every semester, and there may be limited availability within the courses as economics majors receive first priority to register.

You must be a declared economics minor student in order to take these courses!

ECON 425 Macroeconomic Policy
(previously ECON 462)
ECON 437 Game Theory
(previously ECON 490 Game Theory)
ECON 460 Financial Economics
(previously ECON 490 Financial Economics)
ECON 469 Economics of Risk
(note: not currently offered)
ECON 471 Intro to Applied Econometrics
ECON 472 Financial Econometrics
(previously ECON 490 Financial Econometrics)
ECON 474 Econometrics of Policy Evaluation
(previously ECON 490 Econometrics of Policy Eval.)
ECON 475 Econ Forecasting
(previously ECON 490 Econ Forecasting)
ECON 490 International Finance
ECON 490 International Macro Forecasting
ECON 490 Nonlinear Econometric Models
ECON 490 Numerical Methods: Economics
ECON 490 Topics in Econometrics
ECON 490 Macro of Labor Markets
ECON 490 Predictive Analytics