Microeconomics Electives


The below 400-level Advanced ECON courses have more Microeconomic applications. Courses may be taken by ECON Majors wishing to focus more on Microeconomics, or students completing the Microeconomic Minor Track.

All courses are not available every semester, and there may be limited availability within the courses as economics majors receive first priority to register.

ECON 411 Public Sector Economics
ECON 413 The Nonprofit Economy
(previously ECON 490 Nonprofit Econ)
ECON 414 Urban Economics
ECON 415 Environmental Economics
ECON 417 Cost-Benefit Analysis
ECON 418 Health Economics
(previously ECON 482)
ECON 437 Game Theory
(previously ECON 490 Game Theory)
ECON 440 Economics of Labor Markets
ECON 442 Women in the Economy
(previously ECON 490 Women in Economics)
ECON 447 Economics of the Workplace
(previously ECON 490 Econ of the Workplace)

ECON 448 Employee Compensation & Incentives
(previously ECON 490 Employee Comp & Incentives)

ECON 450 Development Economics
ECON 453 The Economies of the Middle East and North Africa
(previously ECON 490 Econ of Middle East)
ECON 455 Econ of Poverty Alleviation in Dev. Countries
(previously ECON 490 Poverty Alleviation)
ECON 460 Financial Economics
(previously ECON 490 Financial Econ)
ECON 480 Industrial Competition & Monopoly
ECON 481 Government Regulation of Economic Activity
ECON 483 Economics of Innovation & Technology
ECON 484 Law and Economics
ECON 490 Social Welfare, Income Inequality, and the Role of Government
ECON 490 Economics of Coordination
ECON 490 Migration (Soon to be ECON 441)