Current Economics Ambassadors

Sam Bricker

Economics Major | Informatics & Business Minors
Class of May 2019 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ACE IT, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Internship Experience: Summer Associate at Meridian Compensation Partners (Summer 2018 | Lake Forest, IL)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: ECON 490, Economics of Migration and Development 
Why Economics? I had a fantastic high school economics teacher who inspired me to pursue the major. I enjoyed my first two economics courses at U of I and knew it was a great fit for my academic interests. I'm unsure about my future career path, but I know that economics keeps a broad range of possibilities available.
Bio: Sam Bricker is majoring in economics and minoring in informatics and business. He is from Deerfield, IL and is set to graduate in May of 2019. Since arriving to the University of Illinois, Sam has become involved with the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity where he formerly served on the executive board. Additionally, Sam was a peer facilitator for ACE IT, an alcohol risk management first-year student seminar. During the fall, Sam serves as an LAS122 intern, leading classes for first year James Scholar students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Pooja Deshmukh

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2020 
| Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): The Daily Illini, Women in Economics
Internship Experience: Program Intern at iVenture Accelerator (Spring 2018)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Econ Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry, Maroeconomics Theory (Econ 303) with McDermott
Why Economics? Economics is one of the most versatile majors, which allows me the ability to explore many different career paths. After being introduced to an economics class in high school, I realized that this major is perfect for all of the possible career paths I was considering. Economics is more than just graphs and theories, since it can also be applied to understand why things are the way they are.
Bio: Pooja is a junior majoring in economics with a minor in business. Initially pursuing a career in financial journalism, she was involved in leadership at The Daily Illini. Now, she's leaning towards a career in financial services and analytics but is hoping to pursue an MBA after working for a few years. She is from Bartlett, IL, but hopes to move and work in the east coast.

Ashley Drake

Economics major | Leadership Studies Minor
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Alpha Omega Epsilon, Student Alumni Ambassadors
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Microeconomics Theory (Econ 302) with Professor DiIanni
Why Economics? Economics influences a variety of fields. With combining math and analytical skills, economics is used to directly impact the world. Using both analytical and interpersonal skills in economics makes it the best career path for me.
Bio: Ashley is a junior majoring in economics and minoring in leadership studies from Algonquin, Illinois. While at Illinois, Ashley has been involved in the Student Alumni Ambassadors and has held multiple officer positions in Alpha Omega Epsilon, currently serving on the executive board. She is looking forward to pursuing a career in consulting upon graduation.

Ashley Fieber

Economics Major
Class of May 2019 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Leadership Certificate Program, ALPHA, BIEN, SWE, ECON 303 TA
Internship Experience: Kohl's Merchandise Analyst Intern, Janice Axelrod & Associates Inc. Summer Internship 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Macroeconomics Theory (Econ 303) with McDermott
Why Economics? Once I took my first economics class I knew I could apply these skills in fields ranging from business all the way to political science. In an every changing job market, an invaluable skill is problem solving and economics teaches you how to do this in a dynamic way.
Bio: Ashley is a senior from Chicago, IL who is majoring in Economics. She discovered her passion for Econ after becoming a TA for Econ 303. However, this summer she explored her interest in retail as she interned at Kohl's Corporate. While Ashley also has interests in consulting, financial services and banking, she looks forward to where her career path will take her after Graduation in May 2019.

Behram Lalji

Economics Major | Business Minor
Class of May 2019 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Phi Kappa Psi, Partnerships in Action, SDRP
Internship Experience:Technology and Operations Analyst at BMO Financial Group (Summer 2017 | Naperville, IL)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economic Statistics II (Econ 203) Petry
Why Economics? I was always intrigued by the concept of market trends growing up when I would invest with my dad. My passion further advanced when I acquired information regarding the concept of supply and demand in my high school Macroeconomics class. From then on, I wanted a better understanding of Economics as I learned that it is all around us and it impacts us in our everyday life.
Bio: Behram is from Palatine, IL and is majoring in Economics with a minor in both business and informatics. His dream is to work in the financial service sector and pursue a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) as well as an MBA. Over the summer of 2017, Behram interned in Naperville, IL as a Technology and Operations Analyst for BMO Financial Group. On campus, he is a member of the social fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, and is a social chair for an organization called, Partnerships in Action, which spreads awareness and raises money for impoverished countries. This upcoming fall of 2017, Behram will be working at the Ikenberry commons. In his free time he likes to hangout with friends, play basketball, and travel.

Junpeng Liang

Economics Major | Business & Informatics Minors
Class of May 2019 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): FACES Consulting and Econ Club
Internship Experience: Financial Analyst at ECG Management Consulting (Summer 2018)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Maroeconomics Theory (Econ 303) with McDermott
Why Economics? Economics is a subject without solid practical skills, but it teaches me to think and solve problems from different angles.
Bio: Junpeng (Jimmy) is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Business and Informatics. He is from Guangzhou(Canton),China and he is trilingual (English, Cantonese,Mandarin) and is expecting to graduate in May 2019. He is interested in Finance but learning Economics as an analytical mindset.

Jonathan Lee

Economics & Statistics Major (pursuing)
Class of May 2020 | Email
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Statistics Club
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry
Why Economics? Economics is the theory behind every choice we make in this world, and I believe it is important to understand the theory of any choice (for example) a company or bank makes to make decisions with given data.
Bio: Jonathan is a junior studying Economics, and pursuing Statistics, from Seoul, South Korea (born in CA though). He is interested in the finance market and data analytics.

Joe MacPhee

Economics Major
Class of May 2020 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Econ Club
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intro to Microeconomics (ECON 102) DiIanni
Why Economics? Out of all the classes I took in highschool, there was no class I found more interesting than economics. It has a personal connection to a lot of people and I hope some day to educate people on the great things it does for the USA.
Bio: Joe is a sophomore who plans to graduate in May of 2020 with a degree in Economics and two minors in Business and Statistics. He hopes to work in an investment banking firm in New York once he graduates. Joe is from downtown Boston and enjoys volunteering at local organizations as well as working during his summer. He enjoys playing basketball and football in his free time!

Ivan A. Murillo-Quiroz

Economics & Statistics Majors (pursuing)
Class of May 2020 | Email 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ALPFA/Econ Club Professional Outreach/Illinois Economic Consulting
Internship Experience:IFS-Advisory Start Internship at PwC (Summer 2018)
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: ECON Statistics II and Intro to Microeconomics (Econ 203 & 102)/ Eric McDermott & Isaac DiIanni
Why Economics? Economics is everywhere in the world, and being able to understand Economics allows us to view the world with a new perspective.
Bio: Ivan is a junior from Plainfield, IL who is majoring in Economics and pursuing a double major in Statistics. He is also involved with ALPFA, Econ Club, and Illinois Economic Consulting and has completed the Start Advisory internship at PwC this past summer.

Anuj Patel

Economics & Statistics Majors
Class of May 2019 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): ADSA, Marching Illini, Engineering IT student Consultant, 203 TA, VIS a VIS tutoring
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics 2 (ECON 203) Petry
Why Economics? Economics covers a wide variety of academic ability, you improve your math skills and critical thinking skills. It forces you to think differently which i enjoy doing.
Bio: Coming soon 

Max Rainer

Economics Major
Class of May 2019 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Illini Statistics Club, Local School Tutoring
Internship Experience: Trade Commission of Peru, International Trade Intern, Santiago, Chile, Summer 2017
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economic Statistics II (Econ 203) Petry
Why Economics? I am interested in the combined qualitative and quantitative nature of economics, as well as the fact that it can be applied to solve problems and gain understanding of the real world.
Bio: Max is a junior majoring in economics and minoring in statistics. He from Naperville, IL and is expecting to graduate in May 2019. He is interested in a variety of fields, such as economic research, consulting, finance, and possibly graduate school. During the summer of 2017, Max interned at the Trade Commission of Peru in Santiago, Chile, where he analyzed market trends, imports and exports, and global competition in the Chilean economy. When he is not studying or working, he enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling.

Michael Semaca

Economics Major | Statistics Minor
Class of May 2019 |
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Star Course, Illinois Beyond Coal
Internship Experience: Account Management and Finance Intern at Dom & Tom, Summer 2017; Undergraduate Intern at Econ Department Alumni Relations & Outreach Office, March 2017- Present
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Macroeconmics Theory (ECON 303) Professor Arvid-Rad 
Why Economics? While my planned career path has changed, and changed, and changed again, I've always had one end goal: to make the world a better place and to improve the lives of others. I really don't think there is a better way to do this than using economics. Over a billion people in third world countries have been lifted out of poverty in the last 20 years due to increased economic activity around the globe, but there's still a lot of work to be done, both around the world and near my home in Chicagoland. I hope that one day I can help bring the next billion people out of poverty.
Bio: Michael's a rising junior majoring in Econ with a minor in Statistics. Hailing from Evanston, Michael is a die-hard Chicagoan, and hopes to move there when he graduates in May 2019. He plans on entering a career in consulting once his economics degree is completed, and will pursue an MBA at some point in his career. Down in Champaign, he works at the Econ Department's Alumni Relations and Outreach office as an Undergraduate Intern, and is a member of two University RSOs: Star Course and Illinois Beyond Coal. Besides Econ, Michael has another passion: music. He's almost always doing something music related, whether it is playing guitar, going to concerts, or just listening to the latest releases. He also loves the winter and slacklining, especially when he's slacklining in the winter.

Allie Simmons

Economics Major | Informatics Minor
Class of May 2019 |
Campus Involvement (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Alpha Epsilon Phi, ADSA
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory (Econ 302) Isaac DiIanni
Why Economics? Throughout most of High School I had been told to go into Engineering, because I excelled at math and science and liked problem solving. The more I investigated engineering as a career, I realized it was not what I had wanted. I began looking into different majors, and found that the Economics Major was all about decision making, using math and reasoning. After reading The Economist and doing more research, I knew Economics was right for me.
Research Experience: Worked as a undergraduate assistant for Professor Jose Vazaquez in the Spring of 2016 creating test question for his 102 course that was being restructured.
Bio: Allie Simmons is majoring in Economics and pursuing a minor in Informatics. Allie is from Saint Jacob, a small town in Southern Illinois. She is a member of Economics Club and Illini Women in Economics, where she serves on the social committee. Allie has interest in economics forecasting and corporate investing and would like to pursue a career in private sector investments, though she’s also considering graduate school.On campus Allie works for the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology as an office assistant. In her free time, she enjoys watching St. Louis Blues hockey games and Survivor, going to Fighting Illini sporting events, playing tennis, and spending time with her friends.
LinkedIn profile can be viewed here 

Daniel Stumpf

Economics Major
Class of May 2020 | 
Campus Involvement & Experiences (Beyond Econ Ambassadors): Theta Chi, Econ 303 TA, Economics Study Abroad
Internship Experience: Kohl's Merchandise Analyst Intern, Janice Axelrod & Associates Inc. Summer Internship 
Favorite Economics Classes & Instructors: Economics Statistics II (Econ 203) with Petry and Brazil Study Abroad (ECON 199) with Petry 
Why Economics? In high school I was drawn to economics through taking Macro, and I loved seeing how different countries interacted with and influenced each other. Since then, I believe Economics is great real life application of Mathematics.
Research: Undergraduate Research in Brazil (Econ 199) Spring 2018 analyzing interest rates and GDP
Bio: Daniel is majoring in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics with a minor in Computer Science. Born in Elmhurst, Il Daniel grew up playing Trombone and spending most of his time at the pool for swimming and water polo, and continues to do so at college. At U of I, Daniel is pursuing a career path in data analytics or financial planning and is on track to graduate in Spring 2020.