Approved students will receive an email from our office with additional directions and information, which includes the below details.

Once Approved

Our office will process your minor form, which will be sent directly to your current college office. It typically takes us about one business day to send the form to your college office, and it may take them several business days to update your record with the minor. Please contact your college office if you do not see the minor added within one week to ensure they have the form (Admissions and Records Officers for the Colleges process these forms).

Review your Minor Track

Please use our website to review requirements for your specific Minor Track:

Microeconomics Track

Macroeconomics Track

Econometrics Track

Approved Courses

Please ensure you have read over the approved courses within your minor track, listed on our website, as these are the only ones that will count towards your minor.

Approved courses should be listed under your minor automatically if they are in-progress or complete, with the exception of ECON 490s. The specific sections of ECON 490 approved for each minor track are included on the website, but once you register you will need to submit a request to with your minor track, UIN, and the course you are registered to take, and we will email your college office to make the substitution into the minor.

Restricted Course Registration

You will need to wait until your college has officially added you to the minor in order to register for restricted economics courses (ECON 303 and 400s).

*Please note, our ECON 400-level courses require the completion of ECON 302 and/or ECON 303.*

ECON Majors receive priority registration into the courses over Minors. We are unable to provide overrides into courses and are unable to guarantee registration into specific courses. Registration dates for ECON Minors will be provided on our website during the registration period in future semesters. Please make sure to register for courses as early as possible when available to Minor students as they fill quickly.


If you have questions, please visit with an Econ Advisor during Express Advising 
(appointments are for econ majors only; all minor students should attend Express only)

We provide various Express hours each week during the semester (hours are more restricted during registration)

Questions not answered above or on our website may be sent to