Rome, Italy Food & Cultures Program

Rome, Italy (Food & Culture Program)

The Food and Culture in Rome program focuses on the critical study of culture, systems and politics of food in Italy. The courses offered in each semester will have unique elements, providing memorable experiences for the cohort of students.

There are three unique programs offered in different semesters:

Sustainable Italian Food Systems (Fall)

During the fall semester, students will engage in an interdisciplinary study of  food in Italy from multiple academic lenses:  history, economics, psychology, food science, nutrition, business and marketing.  Course subjects will encompass critical review of the marketing of Italian food and tourism industry; the sustainability of Italian food systems; and analysis of the Mediterranean diet. Lectures and studies will be supplemented with hands-on experiences in regional farms, wineries, and travels to locations in northern and southern Italian regions.

Food and Culture (Spring)

During the spring semester, students will study food media and communications, architecture of ancient Rome, art history, social dynamics, economy, and the language and culture of Italy. In-class learning is complemented with visits to study specific sites and locations, the production of a film documentary, cooking lessons, and group work with other students from Italian universities in Rome.

Study and Intern on Food (Summer)

The summer program will consist of 4 weeks of coursework in Rome, followed by an optional 4-week internship in locations throughout Italy depending on the internship placement.


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