Birmingham (IAGE Exchange)

The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900 and is home to nearly 30,000 students.  It was named University of theBirmingham Year in 2014, and the National Student Survey of the same year indicated an 88% student satisfaction rating and 90% satisfaction with teaching.  Birmingham is home to 8 Nobel Prize winners, and is well-known for its innovation (it was the first university to create a students' union, incorporate at medical school, and expand sports opportunities to all students).  Click here to see why students think that the University of Birmingham is a great place to live and study.

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  • Student population of around 30,000

Terms Available

  • Fall or Spring

Academic Environment

  • Large University; Small Class Size
  • Take classes with British students

Student Experience

  • Numerous Events
  • English Language
  • Live music, restaurants, pubs, and lots to explore

On-Site Support

  • International Student OfficeBirmingham


  • “Villages”, one with optional meal plan


  • Economics, English, Sociology, Psychology


  • 2.75 GPA

  • 2 University Semesters Completed


The University of Birmingham offers a large number of ECON courses at all levels, including core classes and advanced electives (ECON 3-- and 4--). Birmingham Course Listing

Pre-articulated ECON courses (availability may vary):

Applied Economics and Statistics ECON 202
European Economic Issues ECON 2--
Principles of Economics ECON 101
Sustainable Development: Economy and Environment ECON 2--
Introduction to Mathematics for Economics ECON 2--
Advanced Mathematics for Economics ECON 2--
Financial Markets and Institutions ECON 2--
Mathematical Modelling for Economics ECON 2--
The British Economy since 1850: Theory. Policy and the Global Challenge ECON 2--
Econometrics ECON 203
Macroeconomics ECON 303
Microeconomics ECON 302
Contemporary Issues in the UK Economy ECON 3--
Econometric Methods ECON 3--
Economics of Corporate Finance ECON 3--
Microfoundations of Macroeconomics ECON 3--
China and the World Economy ECON 3--
Decision Theory and Games ECON 3--
Development Economics ECON 450
Environmental Economics ECON 415
Mathematical Statistics for Economics ECON 3--
Optimization for Economics ECON 2--
Public Economics ECON 411
Regulatory Framework of Banking ECON 3--
Topics in Economic Theory and Practice ECON 4--
International Trade Policy ECON 4--
The Russian Economy: From Plan to Market A ECON 4--
The Russian Economy: From Plan to Market B ECON 4--
Advanced Econometric Theory ECON 4--
Applied Econometrics ECON 471
Behavioural and Experimental Economics ECON 4--
Economic Policy and Political Economy ECON 4--
Economics of Banking ECON 426
Economics of Financial Markets ECON 460
Economics of Uncertainty and Information ECON 4--
Economics of the European Union ECON 4--
Game Theory ECON 437
General Equilibrium and Welfare ECON 4--
Health Economics ECON 418
History of Economic Thought ECON 4--
International Trade Theory ECON 420
International and European Monetary Issues ECON 4--
Labour Economics ECON 440
Monetary Policy ECON 425
Open Economy Macroeconomics ECON 4--
Theory of Industrial Organisation ECON 480