Study Abroad Course Approvals

Requirements and instructions for course approvals vary by college, so please make sure you visit the Study Abroad Website and read all of the information carefully, and discuss with your College Office.

Before Courses May be Approved, you must:
  • Be Approved for the Study Abroad Program. To avoid unnecessary work, please only complete once you have been fully approved for your program. Offices get a large number of requests for course approvals, so completing prior to being accepted into one specific program will cause delays and unnecessary work for administrators. If you are concerned about the course offerings in your area, please consult with your academic advisor first, to determine the process.
  • Wait until your College/Program requires courses to be articulated and follow their process/deadlines. Some programs do not require courses to be pre-articulated. 
  • Check the Course DatabaseMany course articulations already exist. Please make sure you have already checked the database to see what courses are already listed for your program as you do not need to have these articulated.
  • Look over the course content to ensure you are contacting the correct Department for articulation. See below for information on Economics Course Articulations, or the Study Abroad Website for other contacts.
Economics Course Articulations

Make sure you have read the information above first, and have consulted with your College Office to ensure you are following the correct guidelines. The below are to have courses approved within Economics.

Step 1:

Check the Course Approval Database to see whether the courses you plan to take (or already took) have already been reviewed and articulated. 

Step 2:

Complete Study Abroad Course Approval Form, including: 
-Student Information at the top
-Column 1, 2, & 3
-If you Marked 'Y' for in the Course Database, you may include the articulation listed in Column 4 and you do not need an articulation (otherwise, LEAVE BLANK!)
Please note: Some colleges will have you complete your credit designation (Graded or Credit/No-Credit) using an online form. Please check with them on guidelines.

Step 3:

Download and save all Course Information you are able to find on the institution website (syllabus, course description, etc.) for courses you would like articulated. It is easiest to save it all into one document.

Make sure that you have verified the course will be offered during the term you will be studying abroad, and look over all courses to ensure you fit the qualifications (prerequisites) to take the class PRIOR to having the courses articulated, to avoid unnecessary work.

Step 4:

Complete the Economics Course Articulation Request Form and submit. You will upload your Study AbroadCourse Approval Form and any syllabi or course documents for review here. 

*Please make sure to include as much information as possible. Courses may be articulated at a lower/more generic level (or may not be articulated at all) if course details are unclear.

Step 5: You will receive an email confirmation of your form submission. Please allow about 5 business days for review (more during peak times such as the first 10 days of the semester). You will then receive an email with course articulations and a signed Study Abroad Course Approval Form when appropriate. 
  • The Economics Undergraduate Office only approves Economics courses. 
  • We will do our best to articulate courses promptly, but delays are possible during peak times in the semester and if the person articulating courses is out of the office. Plan far in advance! It is your responsibility to ensure you are providing plenty of time for this process to be completed by deadlines.
  • Note that different Colleges on campus have different instructions. Please make sure that you have followed all directions outlined by your College Office to ensure form is filed correctly. You can find instructions for each College here.
  • Sometimes you may not have provided enough information for a full articulation, so you will be asked to keep all information, coursework, etc. from the course and bring back after for a complete articulation. Please make sure you save all course work, just in case.
Economics, Econometrics, CS+Econ Major Advising

If you are unsure about the course requirements you have remaining in the Economics or Econometrics or CS+Economics major, or would like to discuss courses in depth, please make an appointment through our online scheduling system to meet with any economics advisor.


Please contact if you have any questions.